Product Information

Our Custom Key Tags make great promotional merchandise for businesses like real estate agents, car yards, mechanics, and construction and building companies. Merch Factory Key Tags are also perfect for companies that offer memberships or need a unique bar code issued to members for scanning on location, or just to keep your number on hand. They are strong, scratch resistant and made from tough 1.2mm powder-coated steel. Create yourself a custom Key Tag now.

Design Description

Add a splash of colour to your keys with a Merch Factory Key Tag featuring my original artwork, Diamond Princess.

Seller Description

My heroines, who emerge from the lovingly hand painted bold black outlines on the pop coloured canvas, may be one dimensional in design but shout in 4D surround sound volume to the viewer. I am inspired by images from long forgotten tales of love, lust and sorrow from vintage comics and romance novels. By plucking a single image from the pages and removing the subject from the story, I hand the power to the viewer to tell their own tale. A tear… is it heartbreak or a lucky break? That kiss… is it a blossoming romance or a passionate goodbye? I want my audience to throw themselves into the narrative, to weave their own life and experiences into the story that emerges from the canvas. Each heroine tells her own story but it is up the viewer to choose the adventure they go on.

Shipping Details

Shipping within Australia is free. Orders of 20 units or less are printed and dispatched within one business day and shipping usually takes between 3-5 business days within Australia. Please allow two weeks for orders of more than 20 units. Please contact us if your requirements are urgent and we'll do our best to meet your deadline.